The main result is an effectively functioning (beyond the life of the project) Baltic-Nordic community of practice (network), sharing knowledge and experience in risk and security research, teaching and training. Learning and training products: joint international interdisciplinary curricula comprised of modules - results of participating HEIs in the area of risk and security governance will be developed through collaboration in a partner network using an open access ICT based knowledge and practice exchange platform. It will aim at the needs of a particular member of the network. This ensures an open access to the risk and security governance training/self-training  module system for everybody on MA level through the digital network as well as organized  access to the training system for other target groups (for example VET for public servants) according to the needs of a partner country's interests.

Project results:

1. An active and well-established collaborative network of partner HEIs. 

2. Joint international interdisciplinary Risk and Security Governance curricula, developed during the project and gradually integrated in the study programmes of the HEIs.

3. Open access Risk Laboratory established and training of trainers (ToT) implemented.

4. Enhancement of competencies of different target groups based on the needs of the countries covering risk governance and analysis, computerized decision making, risk treatment and monitoring developed.