4. Environmental challenges in the Baltic-Nordic region

Coordinators: Riikka Aro, Tapio Litmanen, JYU, Finland

Course description 

This is a master level 10 ECTS course comprising three sub-courses. In this document, you will find information regarding the aim and learning outcomes of each sub-course, lecture descriptions, the main points for each topic as well as a list of readings. 

Student expectations 

Bachelor’s degree in an applicable field (various) 

Course book

The course provides a critical overview of the interweaving of the natural environment and the functioning of societies. The course follows the principles of incorporating long-term environmental and social risks to understand the challenges the Baltic-Nordic region faces in the Anthropocene.  

The course investigates risks induced by climate change, taking a critical adaptive approach and looking at challenges of and possibilities for adaptation and mitigation with specific focus on the Baltic-Nordic region.

The course is framed by socio-environmental challenges and the geopolitical circumstances. The course key objective is to form top-level holistic understanding of how the global energy and security issues and megatrends are translated into regional and local strategies policies and actions.